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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Randwick Girls High School acknowledges the Bidjigal and Dharawal peoples as the traditional custodians of the land our school was built on. We pay our respects to all First Nations people who visit us, learn with us and teach us. This always was and always will be Aboriginal Land.


First Nations Students at RGHS: 

At Randwick Girls High School, we are proud to have such a strong community of First Nations students. Our students are supported by our First Nations team which is made up of staff who are passionate about improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. We welcome any First Nations students to our school which is always aiming to improve cultural visibility, provide structures to support the academic, emotional, cultural and social needs of our students as well as provide opportunities for our whole school to learn, celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and perspectives in everything we do inside and outside the classroom. 


What we offer for First Nations students at RGHS: 

  • First Nations roll call to check in with your mentor and hear upcoming opportunities and announcements. 
  •  First Nations' student mentors work with students, their families and the wider community to get to know the student, who they are, their mob, their strengths and areas they wish to improve on. Mentors develop each students PLP which is communicated with staff to ensure everyone is on the same page with supporting each students needs.
  •  Students have an opportunity to get involved in a wide range of whole school events throughout the year. 
  • Meet, connect and collaborate with other First Nations students from our neighboring schools including Rose Bay Secondary College and Alexandria Park Community School. 
  • Heard your voice heard on the SRC or in assembly! 

Our Totem | Gawura

Gawura (‘the whale’) and the black birdare the  totems of the people of the Eora nation and, for First Nations communities it is a symbol of strength, courage and endurance. Students at Randwick Girls’ High School are encouraged to adopt these characteristics in their learning and character and as we encourage them to take action to become tomorrow’s leaders.  



At Randwick Girls’ High School we aim to create a culturally inclusive and nurturing educational environment which is underpinned by inspired learning, innovative teaching and empowering leadership through authentic connections with community. 


Mission Statement 

At Randwick GIrls’ High School, our collective mission for Aboriginal education mission is to:

  1. Shared Vision: Clearly articulate our shared vision in developing an accessible and functional Aboriginal Education Plan which evolves through reflective processes
  2. Empowering Staff: Build the capacity of our First Nations Education Team  with the knowledge, skills, tools and connections to empower staff to engage with and confidently deliver authentic Aboriginal education, lessons, experiences and opportunities to the wider school community. 
  3. Personalised Learning Pathways: Effectively utilise formal and informal data to develop detailed and tailored Personalised  Learning Pathway (PLP) that are implemented, regularly monitored and updated by First Nations Education Team mentors.
  4. Accessing and Utilising PLP’s: Providing professional learning and training to upskill all Randwick Girls High School staff in accessing and effectively utilizing PLP’s to plan effective learning opportunities to engage First Nations students in meeting their targets and outcomes.  
  5. Working Holistically: Working holistically as a school to develop teaching resources and inspiring learning experiences that reflect culturally appropriate and innovative teaching strategies and resources (2021-2022) Indigenous Sustainable Garden) 
  6. Sharing Resources: Integrate teaching Professional Development in relation to Aboriginal education and facilitating the sharing of strategies and resources across Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) to ensure the achievement of KLA specific outcomes as well as cross curricular outcomes.
  7. Building Relations: Work to build positive relationships and develop close working partnerships with Aboriginal elders, families, communities and neighboring schools. 
  8. Acknowledging Individual Achievement: In acknowledging the successes of individual and group achievements to incorporate and include and consult with families and community members as key stakeholders within all stages of the development of this plan



Abigale-Rose (Abi) Tinker

Abi is from the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands, far north of South Australia. She is a talented dancer and contortionist. Her contemporary performance in 2017 as the perentie lizard (Australia's largest monitor lizard), tells her family's compelling story; of searching for their people, searching for their land and the spirit of her grandmother "Nana". Nana was of the Stolen Generations and passed away long before Abi was born.

"When I perform this dance, I do feel sadness for all that is lost, but I feel a sense of relief too, as it make me feel connected to my culture." 

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Kayla Cavell  

Kayla is in Year 11 and has an active interest in a wide variety of sports such as netball, touch football and basketball. Kayla hopes to represent her culture as a model and use this as a way of teaching others about who she is and where she comes from. 

Kayla along with 9 other contestants  from the Manning Great Lakes were selected as a finailist in the 2017 Aboriingal Model search. The competition focuses on  public speaking, and assisting young people discover a higher sense of self belief, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

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Elizabeth (Lizzy) Haines  

“I’m from Takalaka in Brisbane and am a youth advocate for WEAVE”.

Weave Youth & Community Services is a non-profit community organisation that has been working with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, women, children and families in the City of Sydney and South Sydney areas for over 35 years.