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Course description Stage 4  - Years 7 and 8

English is the study and use of the English language in its various textual forms. These encompass spoken, written and visual texts of varying complexity through which meaning is shaped, conveyed, interpreted and reflected.

In Stage 4 students respond to literary and other texts for enjoyment and to expand their perspectives on their own lives. Some of the texts students will engage with include novels, poetry, plays, film and other digital texts. Students will create a variety of texts with a focus on their specific forms and features.

Course description Stage 5 - Years 9 and 10

In Stage 5 students will build on the skills they have learnt in Stage 4. They will respond to and compose a range of imaginative, factual and critical texts using different modes and technologies. Students are encouraged to develop a personal style in their compositions and there is an emphasis on planning, drafting, conferencing, editing and reflecting. Students will respond to texts from different times and cultures that offer a range of perspectives. Some of the texts students will engage with include novels, poetry, Shakespeare, film and other digital texts.

Course description Stage 6 - Years 11 and 12

Students can elect to study the following courses. Please note that English is a compulsory subject for Stage 6. 

English Standard

This course is aimed at the majority of English students and is designed for students to increase their expertise in English to enhance their personal, educational, social and vocational lives. English Standard offers a rich language experience that is reflected through the integrated modes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing. Students engage with texts that include widely acknowledged quality literature from the past and contemporary texts from Australia and other cultures. Novel, study is compulsory. You may also study poetry, plays, film and non fiction texts. Shakespeare is NOT compulsory in this course.

Advanced English

This course is aimed at students who achieve highly in English and enjoy reading and writing. It is designed for students to develop their higher-order thinking skills to enhance their personal, social, educational, and vocational lives. In English Advanced students strengthen their knowledge and understanding of language and literature by analysing and evaluating texts and the ways they are valued in their contexts. Shakespeare and novel study is compulsory in this course. You may also study poetry, film, drama and non fiction texts.

English Studies

This is a course designed for people who are interested in the communication skills of English, but do not want to focus on the close study of literature. Explicit literacy content is included to develop students’ skills in effective written and oral communication. Students will have opportunities to experience texts that give insight into a wide range of social and cultural perspectives, including texts by and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. For this course there is an option to do an HSC exam if you want to be eligible for an ATAR. There are also assessment tasks you will complete in class.

English EALD

EALD stands for English as an Additional Language or Dialect. This course is designed for students whose language background is not English. In the English EALD course, students reinforce and extend their language skills through the close study of at least three types of texts drawn from prose fiction, poetry or drama; film or media or nonfiction. In this course, students will develop and consolidate their use, understanding and appreciation of Standard Australian English to enhance their personal, social, educational, and vocational lives. Only students who have been educated in English for five years or less at the beginning of year 11 are eligible for EALD English. The course is taught by specialist EALD teachers.

English Extension 1

Prerequisite: Advanced English.

This is a demanding, but rewarding, 1 unit course for students with a love of literature and ideas. You also need to be a capable writer, both creatively and analytically. In Year 11 the course looks at the importance of context in understanding texts. The course has one mandatory module: Texts, Culture and Value as well as a related research project. For Yr 12 the course has one common module, Literary Worlds. Students must also complete one elective. You MUST do Extension 1 in Yr 11 if you want to do it in Yr 12.

English Extension 2

Prerequisite: Extension 1 English in years 11 and 12.

This course is only offered in Year 12. It is a one unit course aimed at talented, independent learners and original thinkers who have a particular interest in creating either an imaginative or analytical major work. The course requires students to complete 3 assessment tasks in school and submit a major work in term 3 of Year 12. Types of works include: Short Stories (6,000 -8,000 words); Critical Response (5,000 -6,000 words); Poetry (5,000 words); Film.